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May 29, 2021 - 01:00:AM News

On April 30th, we received an invitation to discuss and exchange ideas with some of the teaching staff and professors of the University of Jember. Frankly, this session makes us a little bit nervous because we are required to give a presentation to economics and business lecturers. Of course, they are all has an extraordinary understanding of business.

We are grateful that the professors and teaching staff who participated were very humble and remained enthusiastic in listening to the presentation and discussions. Moreover, the Faculty of Economics and Business, which invited us, has the aim of directing students to be able to continue to upgrade their skills and compete in the Industry 4.0.

We are aware that one of the biggest challenges for students in the industrial 4.0 era is the need to quickly adapt to a very dynamic world of work. On this occasion we also emphasized that being a successful person is being the best person in your field, whatever the profession is. We cannot limit people's success to just 1 or 2 professions because each student is unique and has different interests.

On this occasion we also emphasize the importance of upgrading the skills that are much needed in the industry 4.0. We also provide a few ideas to be implemented so that students can acquire these skills during their college years.

The event was held very warmly and interestingly and there were even some participants who wanted to continue the discussion even though the time was over and we were about to leave the room. We are very pleased with the form of collaboration between practitioners and educational field leaders.